C'mon! Get on board with eco-s, and pitch in! Help keep our snow-covered mountains beautiful, so that we can enjoy snowboarding for years to come! Make a difference. Think environment.

During off-seasons, eco-s participants from all over Japan, get together on the slopes to help clean up the mountains and the surrounding environment. eco-s participants believe in taking a proactive approach. This is their expression of gratitude as snowboarders, for the global environment.




eco-s is about creating a rippling effect - a call for people to stand up, and take a proactive stance in conserving and protecting the environment. There may not be any imminent danger that we know of, to our environment now. But, imagine what it would be like if we were to gradually lose our environment to global warming. To acid rain. To illegal dumping. And, to neglect. Imagine losing the one thing that has given snowboarders so much joy... That would be tragic.

If we could create a wonderland for snowboarders- one covered with pure white snow- now, wouldn't that be great !

SBN snowboard network believes that every snowboarder can make a difference. The first step is to get fellow snowboarders to become more aware of their environment and their immediate surroundings. Then, get involve locally.

SBN snowboard network felt this was still not enough. They came up with a better idea- why not give snowboarders more opportunity to enjoy the mountain and nature. Why not organize additional tours to the mountain, all year round. And that was how the eco-s Project came about.

There are over 20 million snowboarders in the world. Through eco-s' ripple effect, we hope to pass on our favorite snow mountains to future snowboarders. We hope to set a good example for all snowboarders, in conserving and protecting our global environment. And we hope the "wonderland" we've set out to create - one covered with pure white snow- remains for many future snowboarding generations to come.

Participate in the EcoFlag Project
NPO Global Sports Alliance (NPO・GSA) for sports enthusiasts. The organization aims to contribute to: the creation of sports culture, recycling, and expanding snowboarder activities.

Tobe! EcoFlag
by NPO Global Sports Alliance (NPO・GSA) and Tatsuo Okada

Vital Messages Environmental Messages & Photo Album
by Shaun White, with other world famous athletes

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